Imagine putting your hand into a box of chocolates not knowing which one you were going to pull out ? There would always be that element of surprise and in this case it’s a musical surprise. In each box is a one hour radio show which was originally broadcast on web radio that is crammed full of music. A sort of compilation tape except there's no track listing on the music box but there is a free download. Add to that tracks from the latest new bands around, music videos, interesting articles and  a picture gallery and that's ROB'S MUSIC BOX in a nutshell !


I spent a great deal of time thinking about what I wanted my new music website to be about and I finally came up with this idea of a music box crammed full of new music and new bands which you could put your hand into and pull out something you may never have heard of and enjoy listening to. And before somebody mentions the name John Peel I get the connection because I spent most my youth lying in bed at night listening to his radio show and picking up on some great bands that I would probably have never otherwise listened to. But the difference is that the internet wasn't around then and think of what we can do on the world wide web now ? But somebody is about to say well your only in it to make money ? Well I can assure everybody that I make "zero mucho's" out of all this. I am only doing it because of my love of music...

music wallpaper - Copy.jpg


I've now reached the grand old age of sixty one and thought the days of my interest in new music and new bands was over. What tends to happen is we reach middle age and we want to stay safe within our own little musical box. We stick to the music that we've listened to most of our adult lives and dismiss anything that's new and radical. I've lost track of the amount of times I've said to somebody that the music of today is not original or its bland, or it's not as good as the music of our era but that's because we've stopped listening. I've used the excuse that we don't have the same radio shows therefore we don't listen to as much music as we used to but that's because we DON'T WANT TO LISTEN. We've closed our ears to it. We would sooner listen to music wallpaper which is always there and doesn't take much effort to appreciate. But the fact is if we scraped enough layers of old wallpaper off the wall we might find a unique work of art underneath that we would otherwise have never discovered.


My vinyl memories...

I sometimes sit back in my armchair while I'm listening to a piece of music and wonder how many records I have actually bought in my lifetime and suddenly realise that unless I'd  kept some sort of a list it would be impossible to work it out. And then I laugh to myself and think that the money that I have probably spent on buying album's over the years would have brought me two or three cars by now. But then they probably wouldn't have given me as much pleasure. Although most of them came to the same fate like the cars. I had to sell them because I needed the money to buy something else.
         And then I start to think about certain albums, when I bought them, what I was doing at the time, who I was with when I bought them, which record shop I bought them from and before you know it you suddenly realise how important vinyl records were in your life. Buying records was a lifestyle choice especially for me in my teenage years and beyond. I used to spend the majority of my leisure time either listening  to music, buying records, studying artwork and information on album sleeves reading music papers collecting memorabilia of my favourite bands, going to see them play live and having long, and what we thought at the time, were deep meaningful conversations about the merits of certain songs on particular albums and how important they were to the meaning of life ! 
         Then I have a deep desire to scramble up in the loft and find the last few you bits of vinyl I have left. Although I got rid of the majority of them. over the years I still kept my absolute all time favourite albums in their original black plastic album carrying case. And then I start to think of all the record players and hi fi systems I have bought to play my records on over the years and suddenly my spirits drop because I realise that I have nothing to play my records on. But at least I can still look at them and remember how important they used to be to my teenage life. 
          Progress and time have the ability to remove whole teenage subcultures as they have done with the demise of vinyl records and the advance of technology has laid waste to most of  the record industry that once supported it.

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